The Cardboard Box Office

I really like these type of projects. They are just so creative! I can’t get enough of them and so I’ll be spamming your mailboxes with some pretty awesome pictures. You won’t mind, I’m sure.

Cardboard Box Office is the place where Lilly, Leon and baby Orsonour post their homemade creations of some of your favorite movie scenes built from some of their domestic junk. The project began after finding that they had accumulated both a lot of cardboard boxes (due to moving to a new country) and a baby (due to giving birth). With their social lives drastically altered they decided to find a way to make some of those housebound weekends a little more fun. The costumes, props, and sets in Cardboard Box Office are created entirely out of everyday household items, toys, cardboard, and three individuals slowly losing their sanity. Enjoy!


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