Fine art meets fashion

Surreal fashion is where fashion meets fine art, beauty meets absurdity, and couture meets chaos. Miss Aniela suspends beautiful models in memorable, glamorous images, set in impeccably decorated rooms with a dreamy aristocracy and a surrealist subtext.

“The artistic choices in Miss Aniela’s Surreal Fashion are truly inspired. Whether the models are lounging in a chair overwhelmed by vines and birds or playing sleuth with a magnifying glass with an elephant’s tusk for a handle, the women are elegantly and elaborately costumed. Each shot stands on its own as a separate world filled with its oddities that somehow don’t disrupt the stylish sophistication of the environment. Whoever thought that a lion’s head for a skirt would look so refined on a woman standing in front of a fireplace? The experimental elements take the images beyond just fashion photography.” (My Modern Met, July 2012)

Source: Surreal Fashion


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